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*****Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance******هنر عدالت آن نیست که همه ی گناهکاران به مجازات برسند، بلکه درآن است که هیچ بیگناهی مجارات نشود
یکشنبه 27 خرداد 1386
Happy Father's Day


...Dear Dad

You're always there to guide me through
Each step along my way
Thank you, Dad, for being there
And Happy Father's Day

You mean so very much to me
And I want you to know
That you are always in my heart
No matter where I go

You're always giving, always there
To help in any way
The loving things you've done for me
I never could repay

I can't imagine what I'd do
Without the love you give
I'll treasure your sweet heart of gold
As long as I shall live


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